Unsprung Load Electric All Drive

Revolutionary ULEAD technology changing the world of all-terrain vehicles

ULEAD solution is a patented suspension system comprising 18 wheels each with an electric motor and independent sprung.

Environmentally friendly, it leaves no trace on the ground and effortlessly overcomes obstacles without causing any damage.
PASSABILITY — overcoming obstacles higher than 200 mm without a loss of speed
UNIQUENESS — the design is patented in the EU as an invention
ECO-FRIENDLY — fully electric-powered drive
MODALITY — capability to utilize various equipment and adapt to diverse tasks
RELIABILITY — matematical modeling of all components
TRACELESS — the unique suspension system doesn't damage the soil
VERSATILITY — suitable for all soil types, temperatures, and seasons
EFFICIENCY — distribution of load and force across 18 motors in independently suspended wheels
RECYCLABLE — constructed entirely from recyclable materials

Frequently Asked Questions

First, we determined the suitable wheel diameter and then calculated how many wheels would fit on a standard-sized ATV or snowmobile frame. The optimal number turned out to be 18 wheels

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Max height of vertical obstacles: 350 mm (14 inches)
Travel speed over 300 mm high obstacles: 20 km/h
Ground pressure: less than 0.1 kg/cm (1,5 psi)
Speed: up to 110 km/h (70 mph)
Cruising range: 4 - 8 hours
Weight only 160 kg (350 lbs)
Max load capacity: 2 riders + luggage 40 kg (90 lbs)

ULEAD Specifications

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Confidently navigate vehicles over rough terrain and overcome obstacles at high speeds with maximum stability and steadiness.
Minimal ground pressure will prevent harm to lawns or soil, further enhancing the economic impact of your solutions.
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Off-road with no speed limits
To enhance soil preservation
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With our suspension system adapted to your vehicle, you will gain breakthrough competitive advantages!
B.E., 20+ years of experience in engineering & production management

With a solid educational background as a physicist, I possess a deep understanding of the principles that govern the physical world. My expertise extends beyond academia, as I have gained extensive experience in managing industrial enterprises. I am truly passionate about the process of creating and introducing new products and technologies to the market, constantly seeking and creating innovative solutions.

With competencies in electric drive, kinematics, control systems, and industrial technologies, I bring a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge solutions to drive operational excellence. Outside of work, you can find me indulging in thrilling hobbies like kitesurfing, skiing, boxing, cycling, and rock music.
B.S.E., 15+ years of experience BDM in IT

Dedicated and driven startup entrepreneur with a background in civil engineering, backed by over 15 years of invaluable experience in IT customer service and management. Passionate about lifelong learning and professional development, I have a can-do approach and consistently strive to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of technology.

I have a profound love for animals and currently share my life with two dogs. I am deeply committed to promoting environmental sustainability and aspire to implement an eco-friendly project.
Business development
MPhys, B.M.S., 10 years of experience in managing deep-tech corporate innovation.
I'm an Investment Director, steering a pioneering early-stage deep-tech venture studio. With a decade-long journey, I've navigated the realms of innovation management within industrial giants, overseeing their innovation departments.
I proudly stand as a co-founder of Logistics Champions, an international pilot program tailored for nurturing startups within the logistics domain. Additionally, I bring experience as an ex-director of one of Europe's top-10 business incubators and (co)founder of 4 startup acceleration programs.

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  • Eldar / Technology
    B.E., 20+ years of experience of engineering & production management.
  • Dmitriy / Strategy & business development

    MPhys, B.M.S.

  • Elena / Business development
    B.S.E., 15+ years of experience BDM in IT.
  • Bader Manneh / Adviser
    Motocross champion, racing team manager
  • Michael Vormittag / Adviser
    Daimler Truck AG, Innovation, Product Strategy

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